10 Ways to participate
Participating in this initiative is an excellent way to help prevent HIV from spreading in your community. There are many activities you or your organization can participate in to raise awareness in your community.

1 Contact a local organization and see if there is a planned event in your area which you can help support.

2 Hold a one or several special Testing Day events in your agency. Offer incentives such as food, resources, or a social activity to have people come in and get tested. As an individual you can get tested to set the example.

3 Have a phone-a-thon; call your local representatives to tell them why this month is so important and why HIV prevention is important for Hispanics/Latinos and all Americans.

4 Organize a health fair focusing on Hispanic/Latino health and educate people about HIV/ AIDS in the Hispanic/Latino community. Invite local organizations, community centers, your local religious communities, and schools to participate.

5 Have a group of peers (dependent on the age group you would like to reach) do outreach in your local neighborhood promoting awareness about HIV in the Hispanic/Latino community. Put up posters, hand out flyers, and/or distribute condoms, etc.

6 Gather your family and friends, and explain to them why this month is so important.

7 Host a cultural event (i.e. concert, talent show) and invite a guest speaker or local celebrity to speak to the audience about HIV in the Hispanic/Latino community.

8 Work with your local religious communities to hold a vigil for Hispanics/Latinos living with HIV/AIDS and recognize July as the Latino HIV Testing Month.

9 Host a fundraiser to raise money to be donated to a charity of your choice that works to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic among Hispanic/Latinos.

10 Visit www.latinohivtesting.org to find out about the agencies in your area providing HIV testing, as well as prevention, case management, medical and mental health services.

SABER Training: PowerPoint Presentation. SABER is a Latino-focused community mobilization model. This is the presentation adapted for LHTM. Click here to download.


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